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Bellingham Bee Town

Pollinator Habitat Services

Bring Back The Pollinators

Small Four Season Pollinator Garden Design 

Receive a small 4 season pollinator garden installed on your property, which will look beautiful, bloom in four seasons, and serve a vital role in our environmental restoration of pollinator habitat in the urban communities of the United States.

Small Pollinator Habitats @ 1,595.00

  • Replacing small lawn with a small wildflower meadow

  • Small pollinator  habitat gardens

  • Creating wildflower borders along fence lines

  • Corporate/University campuses

  • Large spaces & Vacant lots

Please contact us at;

email; beeagoodcitizen@gmail.com

Design/plant selections/site considerations

Gift Memberships

If you want to give this garden program subscription as a gift to a friend, business, neighbor,  or family member with a sunny garden spot for flowering plants all gardeners love pollinators. Great gift for anyone who enjoys viewing nature, gardening, and conserving our fragile decimated keystone pollinators.

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Honey Bees

Honey Bee Conservation is Cool 

Honey Bee Option

Have you ever wanted honey bees on your property, to pollinate your fruits and veggies, and to help with pollinator conservation efforts, and harvest some healthy raw honey?

But you do not have the time or inclination to manage the bee hive aspects? Hire us to do it all for you and you will receive pounds of raw honey comb. Create a safe haven on your property for the queen of all pollinators the honey bee.

* A variety of hive options 

*1 honey bee hive with a queen and the colony of Northwest honey bees

*An experience bee keeper will visit and inspect and maintain the bee colony.

*Harvest the surplus raw honey

Back Yard Honey Bee Hive Package


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Farms &Land Trusts

Established Pollinators Increase Future Land Value

Farm Land/Conservation Land  packages

Large pollinator gardens/ natural meadows

25 honey bee hive apiary,  design and install packages, with adjacent wildflower meadows.

Livestock Options - Honey bees are considered livestock and land owners who keep an apiary receive a substantial tax break on there land taxes. The State of WA offer tax incentives for pollinator conservation in the form of  tax write offs for land owners.

Land holders, organic farms,  and land trusts we offer an apiary option of 25 bee hives.

We build and maintain the honey bee apiary. It is an established agricultural write off and we can arrange all the details for you. 

Would you like more details on this large scale pollinator habitat investment, please contact us.

It is win win for land owners who want to give something back to the ecology of the land.

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Honey Bee Conservation

Urban Honey Bees

American Back Yard Honey Bees for pollinator conservation. Urban Bees are safe from pesticides. Plant back yard habitats and provide nest sites for native bees.