Bskhul hands on beekeeping classes 

A school for natural beekeeping comprised of practical courses. A hands on bee keeping instruction course, a beekeeper lead course.  Bskuhl is to help the community keep more healthy bees and provide experienced honey bee mentors to our community of beekeepers.

Team building workshops for corporate offices 

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Local neighborhoods and communities that have PROTECTED bees and OFFICIAL pollinator habitats ARE HEALTHIER 

KEYSTONE SPECIES'S; HONEY BEES our food supply totally depends on them. Communities can own there own bees and take charge of the bee decline problem by keeping in the pollinator friendly urban hood. Local bees dispersed into small groups spread out over a city strengthens the local bee populations collectively. Hang out with some local blue collar workers "bee a part of the solution's ", and put a bee hive, and plant some wild flowers in your yard this year.

WWU  Apiary

University of Western Washington has honey bees and has planted new pollinator habitat 

WWU learning apiary. Students of the university can experience beekeeping and get there hands and faces into the hive to see what it is all about. These college students are the next wave of homeowners and we can hope that the art of beekeeping will live on in their daily lives. Pollinator habitat is all our responsibility, Bskuhl fosters responsible natural beekeeping and ecological stewardship, protecting pollinators.