What's it all about?

Pollinator's need to eat organic natural stuff

I founded beeagoodcitizen.com to get the communities of the USA involved in the protection of all the tiny creatures that make our world the paradise it is. Where there is a will there is a way, our community of residence's and business's  have decimated our pollinating friends and we can easily arrest the communities behaviors and start by simply adding more managed pollinator gardens, in a planned effort from our citizens who want to protect the future of our biosphere by incrementally increasing the  pollinators natural habitats, yes it is that easy.

Please join us in this effort to change the way our rapidly expanding macro human society severely impacts the micro societies of our own resident pollinators. Beeagoodcitizen.com provides communities with a habitat restoration service enabling societies cooperation with these irreplaceable creatures, a pathway to intelligently co-exist, and begin a multi city wide effort put an end the crisis of pollinator extinction in the USA. Acting locally effects things globally we can make a tsunami of a difference across the townships of the USA with more native wildflowers.